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World Class Dressage Training

Whether you are looking to learn the basic scales of training or to perfect your piaffe, international dressage trainer and rider Sonia Baines (nee Webster) has extensive experience and keen eye for detail. She specialises in helping horse and rider communicate effectively to and achieve their goals at whatever level that may be.


Basic Schooling

Developing a better relationship with your horse through schooling helps communication and ultimately leads to a more enjoyable ride. From learning and implementing the basic scales of training to simply feeling more secure in the saddle, you don't have to be a dressage pro to book a lesson. Whether your struggling with spooking, a reluctance to go forward, speed control or napping, Sonia will help you develop the skills to get out there and enjoy what you love doing the most.


Dressage Training

From Prelim to Grand Prix, Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Analysing everything from head to hoof, she will assess you and your horse's current level and build a bespoke training plan around your long and short term goals. Using a combination of training, riding and groundwork, Sonia can help you perfect your test riding and make sure you have the tools to succeed both at home and in the competition arena. In addition to this, Sonia can also school and train your horse for you.


Competition Training

Whether you're a well-established competitor or just entering the world of competitive dressage, test riding can be a daunting experience. Sonia can support you at the show teaching everything from basic etiquette and how to manage your horse away from home through to coaching and mentorship at internationals. Having had years of experience competing both nationally and internationally, Sonia knows a knowledgeable pair of eyes on the ground is always an advantage. 

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